COMPRESSION LOAD CELL. Our load cells are NATA certified, fully tested and calibrated by All Lifting. Loadcell Hire. All of the load cells in our hire fleet are calibrated to National Standards and are supplied with a calibration certificate and user instructions as standard. To cater to the huge variety of uses within R&D and industrial applications, a load cell can take many forms. Low profile diaphragm design compression load cell. Measuring applied loads for accuracy and safety purposes. Load cell designs are either distinguished by the type of output signal they generate (pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical) or by the method in which they detect the load or weight (bending, shear, compression, tension, etc). To make our job easier in finding your nearest branch, please click allow in your browser request for us to use your location. Our kits are NATA certified, fully tested, calibrated and supplied with full operating instructions. Everything we sell we also hire! Common sizes are 2t, 10t, 28t, 60t, 180t and 300t. We service clients across a range of industries including mining companies, utility providers, shipping companies, defence contractors, engineering contractors, crane companies and testing organisations. Get rental information on LOAD CELLS from Kennards Hire. All Lifting have load cells with different capacities and configurations available for hire. Any compression load cell can be set up to log data to our in house designed DAQ system. We recommend you browser the Kennards Hire site without this enabled to utilize the functionality of this website. This means that you always get the right advice on precisely what gear is best for the job. A&D Weighing supplies robust, high performance load cells to suit various applications and requirements. Hire Quality Load Cells We have an extensive range of load cells available for hire including tension, compression & load cell shackles. Each cell is connected to a junction box, then to a … Compression load cells also offer long-term stability, and this stability and accuracy can be further ensured with regular load cell calibration services offered by companies such as HBM. We have a range of loadcells available for hire on a weekly basis. Lifting Magnets. 100KG - 200tf. Compression load cell technology is widely used in a range of industrial and technical applications. Product Code: 76/5710-h. A range of compressive load cells completed with hand held read outs. Straightpoint is an international company that distributes high quality, advanced technology compression load cell sensors and systems to many countries across the world. They feature full digital displays for quick and simple checking, testing and weighing. Please fill in your details below if you would like more information on Load Cell Hire. Girder Clamps & Trolleys. Dynamic offer two compression load cells kits for hire and rental, including: 4 x 50 tonne units with a total capacity of up to 200 tonnes. VIEW RANGE. Manufactured using high grade stainless steel, these loadcells are particularly suited to rugged environments and the Hire Industry amongst others. We stock a wide range of loads cells including S-beam, low profile, low capacity and in line, as well as a range of load cell accessories including display amplifiers and hand held portable displays. Yale 360 Chain Block. LS 60 ton Tension Link Load cells: @ R 3 450/day. Description. Loadcells are available for compression, tension or bi-directional measurements with full scale ranges between 200N (20kgf) and 2000kN (200tonnef). When you hire a load cell we provide you with complete operating instructions. Thames Side offers compression load cell (also known as Canister or Rocker Column Load Cells) - available in analogue (analog) or digital format.These are ideal when high accuracy is required in truck scale (or weighbridge), wagon tippler, tank and silo weighing applications.. When you buy load cells online from the Load Cell Shop, you’re dealing with Richmond Industries, one of the UK’s leading load cell manufacturers. in 5 nearest branches, Checking availability A compression load cell frequently features a low profile button or circular design that works excellently in conditions where both lateral and overhead space is limited. Loadcell Supplies have a range of compression load cells for hire from 2 tonne up to 300 tonne and multiple load cells in all sizes. 4 x 100 tonne units with a total capacity of up to 400 tonnes. Force Logic UK supplies high quality load cells and load cell instrumentation to a wide variety of industrial processes and research projects. These highly sensitive transducers are designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of adverse conditions. Not sure if this is the item you are looking for? Load Monitoring Equipment Hire. in the selected branch, Checking availability Loadcell Supplies have a range of compression load cells for hire from 2 tonne up to 300 tonne and multiple load cells in all sizes. Eagle Clamp. TENSION, COMPRESSION & LOAD CELL SHACKLES LATEST EQUIPMENT. Eagle Clamps. A range are available with working load limits from 100kg to 100T. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Load links can also be used for determining a load at anchor points, as a test mechanism for checking lifting equipment, crane calibration and much more. It turns out all your items are available to be collected from Would you like to update your hire cart and move your items into one branch? Loadcell Supplies are specialists in this field and can log data at rates from 1Hz to 50kHz. We also have a large stock of safety bow shackles, which are supplied with a LOLER certificate, so you can hire the load cell and suitable shackles from one source. Jacks Winches offer various load cell types for hire including compression cells, tension load cells, running line monitors and telemetry load shackles. Compressive Load Cell - 100t SWL Compressive Load Cell - 100t SWL. © 2016 Loadcell Supplies Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions, Tension / Lifting load cells and crane scales, System design, fabrication and Installation. Chain Slings. Compression Load Cell – Compression Load Cell 5t: 5t: HCCLC10T: Compression Load Cell – Compression Load Cell 10t: 10t: HCLC20T: Compression Load Cell – Compression Load Cell 20t: 20t: ... Why it pays to hire FULLY INSURED AND ACCREDITED EQUIPMENT NO HASSLE AND STORAGE ISSUES FREE FROM ONGOING MAINTENANCE. Load Cell Hire. FEATURES-Stainless Steel IP68 Compression Load Cell-Hermetically-sealed-Lightning protection can reach 10000V, recover automatically-Suitable for platform scales, automobile tester, hopper scales. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If your application requires data logging. Visit us online or call at 135135 to hire equipment, tools or Weight Testing for your residential, commercial, industrial and DIY needs. Load Cell Rental. Whoops. Browse through our range below to find the right load cell for your application in the nearest branches, Checking branch Hire loadcells for compression loads listed in force range order. RR-COM9500. Compression Load Cell; Bespoke Load Pins; Running Line Monitor New stainless steel 2020; Cabled Load Link; Sub sea load pins. Tirfor Winches. West Bromwich Unit 26, Kelvin Way Trading Estate Kelvin Way, West Bromwich West Midlands, B70 7TW +44 (0)121 525 4162 Load Cells: The Heart of Your Weighing System They are the most essential part of any electronic weighing system. LS 30 ton Tension Link Load cells: @ R 2 650/day. Search by Product, Keyword (e.g. Straightpoint compression load cells are manufactured to the same stringent standards as all Straightpoint products. (Fully Wireless) 4 x 50 tonne units with a total capacity of up to 200 tonnes. The A&D range includes beam type load cells, compression load cells, single point load cells, tension load cells, shear beam load cells, weighbridge load cells and more. All equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by DLM Hire Engineers ensuring high performance and client satisfaction. trading hours, Enter your postcode or suburbso we can find your nearest branchto view rates and product availability. Compression Load Cells Rocker Column Load Cells. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Search Search 1,000s of products Portable Aluminium Gantry. Common sizes are 2t, 10t, 28t, 60t, 180t and 300t. All our hire load cells are calibrated with a current NATA endorsed calibration certificate, and all load cells have an individual battery powered indicator. © 2017-2020 KENNARDS HIRE, All Rights Reserved. and other electronic weighing devices. A compression load cell is ideal for any weighing platform that must have a little give (rocking) in it during weighing, such as weighbridges, weigh silos and large, industrial platform scales. LS 10 ton SS Tension Link Load cell:@ R 1 750.00/day. Load cell 4 x AA Alkaline: Battery Life: Load cell 1,200 hours continuous: Operating Temp-10°C to +50°C / 14°F to 122°F: Accuracy ±0.3% of applied load: Frequency: 2.4GHz: System Range: 700 metres – 2300 feet: Data Rate: 3Hz (configurable to 200Hz) Protection: IP67 / NEMA 6 RR-COM750. Queensland Rigging Hire offer quality Australian made Delphi load cells for hire and rental. All our hire load cells are calibrated with a current NATA endorsed calibration certificate, and all load cells have an individual battery powered indicator. 4 x 100 tonne units with a total capacity of up to 400 tonnes. COMPRESSION CELL. Sub sea compression cells. COMPRESSION LOAD CELL. lighting) or Product Code. Shear beam load cells. Wireless load cells and systems can range from a single channel transducer with remote display to a more complex multi-channel system feeding data via a base station into customised software running on … Your Name * Telescopic Spreader Beams. Available as part of our packaged solutions or as individual hired equipment, our load monitoring equipment is tested and certified prior to dispatch. The load cells are available in capacities ranging from 3.2 to 150 tonnes, all supplied with shackles and in Pelican type carry cases. LS 100 ton Tension Link Load cells: @ R 4 950/day : Load Cell Calibration 1 ton - 5 ton R 1 988.00 DLM house a range of Load Cells, Load Monitoring and Cable Working hire equipment, all of which are available for hire immediately and at competitive prices. It seems you are using private browsing mode. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 4.5t Electric Hydraulic Winch. Queensland Rigging Hire offer two compression load cells kits for hire and rental, including: 4 x 47 tonne Units with a total capacity up to 188 tonnes. Load Cells Compression by Safe-T-Weigh for hire and rental. Load Cell Hire Price List Load Cell Hire Terms Terms & Conditions of Sale View LOAD-MASTER LITE product details (WLL 2tonne to 4.75tonne) View LOAD-MASTER LM product details (WLL 5tonne to 100tonne) Load Cell Hire Enquiry. Specifications. C2S. Overhead Gantry crane load system. To discuss your requirements call (08) 9437 2312 or make an enquiry. Ask an expert: Home | Categories | Hire Terms & Conditions | Disclaimers | Privacy Policy, Checking availability Digital Load Link Rental Load links can be used to provide a safe method of determining the unknown weight of a large piece of equipment or machinery. Aberdeen Nauta House, The Meadows Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire Scotland (UK), AB51 0EZ +44 (0)1651 872 101 Lifting Gear Hire & Sales offer compression load cells kits. Heavy Lift rigging rentals lifting equipment hire for customers throughout Australia.