The moment you said it I couldn’t say any of that BTS - Outro Tear Lyrics + Live!!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All rights reserved to the original owner. English, Korean / Romanization / Transliteration / Transliteration 2 / Transliteration 3 / Transliteration 4 English, Korean Outro : Tear Click to see the original lyrics We already know eojjeom naega neoreul saranghaetteon gachaeopshi seororeul busune Translation of 'Outro : Tear' by BTS (Bangtan Boys) (방탄소년단) from English, Korean to English (Version #2) You’re my you’re my fear Read or print original Outro: Tear (English Translation) lyrics 2020 updated! 어쩜 내가 너를 사랑했던 2013 - present. Lirik Lagu BTS – Outro: Tear [Terjemahan Indonesia] TRENDING : CEK LINK VIDEO GISEL. **sounds like “tear as in crying” Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it There’s always an end to everything I tend to use “flowery” language when translating, especially when it comes to lyrics by RM (which I L VE). 없을테니 이제 시작해줘 That’s the price I’ll pay Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it Tear geureon mareun mot handago apeuro nado It’ll keep repeating, through you You’re my tear The moment everything became dangerous The terms he used for “step on” is an old Korean word and is not used in normal speech in modern-day. jeonbuyeosseo apeuro ga fear You’re my tear, We walked in the same direction K-pop, Hip-hop, Pop, Electronic. galgigalgi jjijeobalgyeobeorin nae shimjangeul ssak bultaewojwo We used to talk about forever Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it twitter: COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.I do not own the MUSIC. With my long-time friends inside that are ugly and miserable 추하고 초라한 내 안의 오랜 벗들도 Tear Respect (Spanish Translation) 236. You’re my you’re my tear 타버린 재마저 남지 않게, 이게 진짜 너고 이게 진짜 나야 With the smile on your face that you had when you looked at me. ENJOY THE BTS OUTRO TEAR REACTION / LYRIC BREAKDOWN! Respect (English Translation) 235. Only you loved me Because it felt like maybe jeongdabeun jeonghae itneunde That was only filled with lies The word “tear” is interesting. LET’S LOOK AT THE ENGLISH LYRICS FOR OUTRO: TEAR BY BTS. Check out Alex And Allen Amicy’s thoughts on this! ♥PO BOX 676 Madison AL, 35758 *WATCH IN 1080 or 720 HD*::::: CREATOR BIO :::::Suavécito Papî.....GANG! You’re my you’re my tear 모든 게 위험한 순간에 Step on the pieces that were broken apart But it’s so hard, Why are tears falling You’re my you’re my fear So not even the ashes remain, This is the real you and this is the real me Translated English lyrics (typography) to BTS' song, Outro:Tear, from their album "Love Yourself 轉: Tear". Here are the lyrics: lyrics. ige jinjja neogo ige jinjja naya, eotteon mareul haeya halji 우리의 초점이 불규칙해지는 순간 HEY HEY LOOK DOWN HERE! Outro: Tear Lyrics. Eng: pop!gasa South Korea : Agency: ... Outro: Tear. ijen kkeuteul bwatgo wonmangdo an nama neon nae shijakgwa kkeut that is all And loved me like that? This is the ending that you wanted 이별 불치병 So for us, which does “tear” signify to each of us? The lyrics seem slightly repetitive when you read all the songs together as there are some overlap of the same ideas in multiple songs. 망설임 없이 어서 죽여주길 I don’t wanna listen to that The moment our start has become irregular Without actually saying the words “tear” except once in the first line, this section really re-enforces the imagery of tears. 가차없이 서로를 부수네 This PDF includes EVERY vocab word from OUTRO: TEAR You will learn 190+ vocab words and be more capable of understanding and singing along!! I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to tear ****. 달던 꿈은 깼고 나는 눈을 감아 가차없이 서로를 부수네 However, the line seems to imply the person is doing the 흘리다/flowing. Prakata, ini adalah lagu kedua favoritku setelah Fake Love. eojjeom naega jom deo soljikhal su isseosseulkka 옳지 그래 거기야 뭘 망설이니 So he doesn’t deserve to even cry and shed tears – and implies he’s actually at fault. If there’s a start is my tear, Without my knowing, it blooms on the corner of my eyes, The words we could not say in the end, stream down, The farewell came at the end of my play that had only lies, My long-time friends inside me that are ugly and pathetic. I shouldn’t have cried, shouldn’t have been torn apart Woo take it easy 천천히 심장을 도려줘 daldeon kkumeun kkaetgo naneun nuneul gama 영원 영원 같은 소리 좀 그만해 For me it’s “tears from eyes”..and for Yoongi hyung, it was “ripping”, and for Hoseokie, it’s fear of each of those moments…so for him, it’s “fear”. 이별은 내겐 그 순간들뿐 (flashback) But we’re breaking each other down // ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! naye mannamgwa naye ibyeol But that dream became just a dream 그래그래 조각이 나버린 파편 위를 즈려밟아줘 그 꿈은 비로소 꿈이 되었네 Right, it’s there, what are you hesitating for? You’re my tear You’re my you’re my tear "My long-time friends inside me that are ugly and pathetic" If someone could turn time back The sweet dream has broken, I closed my eyes The Korean Azaleas grow wild, often as the first flowers to bloom in spring. 226. You’re my tear I don’t wanna listen to that Reflection (Spanish Translation) 233. 고통과 미련 그 무엇도 남지 않게끔, You’re my tear Maybe I could’ve become more honest — Suga. The lyrics actually are different in the 2 verses, the first time, while V sings it’s Love It’s so mad, then later Jimin sings Love you so mad. You’re my fear niga wonhadeon geu gyeolmarini Things that are too right or too much comfort About BTS. ****used the word for ripping here, The heart that is stained with belated self-loathing, Empties with even just that wind that passes by. an ul geol an jjijeul geol Persona. 이젠 끝을 봤고 원망도 안 남아 Translation of 'Outro : Tear' by BTS (Bangtan Boys) (방탄소년단) from English, Korean to English (Version #3) naye yeongeuk kkeute geuraegeurae jogagi nabeorin papyeon wireul jeuryeobalbajwo When applied to a person, this verb usually means to lose things/leave things behind, as if they’re inconsequential. deo, You’re my tear BTS Love Yourself: Tear OUTRO TEAR LYRICS VOCAB. Wiki. You can read extended meaning of this poem here You’re my tear Bener kata J-hope, part-nya Suga di sini emang paling bagus, bahkan liriknya pun bikin sedih hiks. I don’t wanna listen to that Why is my heart ripping? You’re my you’re my tear Check out my store to purchase the FULL TEAR ALBUM (11 songs) Vocab List! 소용없어 내게는 When I played the song for the members, we all cried together. RM mentioned these different versions on his V-Live review of the album on May 28, 2018 (starting at 45 min) Country. After hearing the bittersweet inspiration behind “Tear”, fans will never hear it the same way again. 고통과 미련 그 무엇도 남지 않게끔, 어떤 말을 해야 할지 BTS LOVE YOURSELF TEAR ALBUM GIVEAWAY – Help […] info: music.naver. 어차피 원래 끝은 있는 거잖아 Hangul: 이별은 내게 티어 나도 모르게 내 눈가 위에 피어 채 내뱉지 못한 얘기들이 흐르고 미련이 나의 얼굴 위를 기어 내게 넌 한때는 나의 dear 하지만 이젠 쓰기만 한 beer miryeon, miryeon geuttan ge deoneun namji anke [Album] LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ tabeorin jaemajeo namji anke, ige jinjja neogo ige jinjja naya 미련, 미련 그딴 게 더는 남지 않게 Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it 같은 꿈을 꿨다 생각했는데 You’re my, Goodbyes are T.E.A.R 네 입에서 말을 하는 순간 shimjangi jjitgyeojyeo charari bul taewojwo But this place is our last Menurutku Outro: Her bukan gayaku banget musiknya, tapi ini, intro lagunya kayak ballad sedih gimana gitu, tapi ternyata isinya rap doang hiks. But from now on, I have an incurable disease Tear, This goodbye came to me at the end of my play naman aneun naye geu maeneolguldo jeogi aye eopneun geot gataseo eochapi wollae kkeuteun itneun geojana mangseorim eopshi eoseo jugyeojugil Outro : Tear Songtext von BTS mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Lyrics Artists: B BTS Outro: Tear. What more can I say? Where he calls “fear” his friend that comes and takes his hand. 이게 진짜 너고 이게 진짜 나야, 같은 곳을 향해 걸었었는데 Learn how your comment data is processed. So the pain and the feelings won’t remain, You’re my tear 그냥 너무 무서웠어 I don’t wanna listen to that ne ibeseo mareul haneun sungan Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it