e.) Crunchys: Great bar food and food specials accross from Campus. Mert's Meats in both Okemos, and their new Lansing Eastside is probably the best butcher IMHO. Wyandotte is really interesting as it has a huge residential area with a very neat commercial area. Like any state, some locations are better than others. Describe your hometown/current situation and we can let you know what city you might feel most at home in. It's a great state and I wouldn't mind raising a family here, but that's only because of how cheap it is. 150. pinned by moderators. Party with the Sons Of Ransom, the local hooligan crew, and drink, march, and cheer as we fight regional foes like Detroit City, Fort Pitt, and hopefully an expansion Grand Rapids Team. I want to get away from that and move to a place with a lot more things to do, but I don't want to live inside the city. Moderator of r/msu. Grayling community could do better with this. 53. 1.) Based on income and test scores Grosse Ile Woodhaven Riverview Trenton Flat Rock Wyandotte All the rest Allen park Melvindale Lincoln park. Penn State vs Michigan Live Stream Reddit Saturday Night Football The NCAA’s regular season has finally arrived and the Penn State will face off against the Michigan in Week 8. Now keep in mind I have had the fortune of traveling more than 99% of people and come from a multi cutural/racial family so I am big on the melting pot thing. Also, safety is pretty important - I don't want to be afraid to walk down my street at any time of day. Anyone know how … / Michigan State University. East Lansing, Haslett, Williamston are great communities....progressive, smart people who can form a cogent sentence. Michiganders are so unfriendly and rude. I live in California now but my family can't afford the high price of renting house. Best things to do in the year, places/areas to avoid? Ideally, I would like to find a place that is has a pretty laid back/relaxed atmosphere, but also isn't too far from local amenities like you said (stores, gym, little bit of night life here and there). Want to go to a cool college town more like you'd find in Vermot? My budget is around $800-$900 a month. Lansing is an hour and a half from either Huron or Michigan, but there are also inland lakes that are great in the summer. Plus now they have a bar inside, so you can shop and enjoy a craft beer while you do. The economy is improving nicely, and unemployment is at almost unheard of lows. Don't ask me where exactly but everyone is always talking about random home brewed beer. Prepare to wait in line if you go. Flickr/Michigan Municipal League. Nothing happens without the whole town knowing and nobody leaves for an extended amount of time without a million questions about where they’re going and when they’re coming home. Also good luck on your career! Check out our list of Michigan’s best cities to live in for advice on where to settle in the state, according to the Chamber of Commerce. h.) Xiao next to Frandor: Best Vietmanese Pho I've found in town. i lived in the eastside neighborhood of lansing for 2 years (michigan ave to saginaw, clemens ave to 127) and thought it was a nice place to live. Now if you grow to love it here, which I hope you do, there will be times where it may seem like the world is against us. If you have any questions that didn't get answered about the differences in states let me know, I'd love to help out. f.) The Green Door: Lansing's live music bar for Blues and such. Best schools from best to worst. 15. But there's a huge movement to refurbish, and like you said, a very big financial incentive to move there. There's a complex on the corner of Monroe and Outer Drive that's pretty nice. It's a great way to be next to Campus without having to pay East Lansing prices, and frankly the progressives flock to the Eastside more than other parts of town. We have the Northern Lights. It's also pretty damn central in the metro area. There’s an island where no cars are allowed. The nicer areas and downtown are going to be expensive. This little city hosts about 22,000 residents and is an ideal place to live for families with young kids, thanks to a top-notch school system. Michigander, Michiganian, Yooper. You see lots of mixed race couples and no one seems to think it's a big deal. “Michiganders” have a map of the state attached right to their arm. Southgate is pretty nice. I'm on the opposite side of the coin. Above all it is very economic place to live in and same is the case with college here. Join. Michigan ranks as the fifth-most affordable state in the U.S., with one of the lowest costs of living. These are the states where your grandpa will fit right in talking about how life used to be back in the slower, good ol’ days of their youth. I can't say I know much about Allen Park but I can tell you about the cities I have lived in. Downtown Royal Oak is somewhat pricey also. would be good places to call around? We also have great farmer's markets in East Lansing, Okemos, and of course the Allen Street Farmer's Market on Lansing's Eastside. the city of lansing isn't one big bombed out wasteland like some people will lead you to believe. Everything that happens in the small town of Grand Marais will be known by every person who lives there in less than five minutes. As someone who left and decided to come back, I'm glad I did. d.) Dagwoods: Great barfood (some say the best burgers, for the style), it's small, and well loved, with an open mike night, and a fierce following. Which brings me to long term stay. Hope you find a great place and enjoy the city! There's so much to explore with all the beautiful Crystal Lakes. Pro: You're only about an hour away from both Grand Rapids and Detroit (in opposite directions). In 2015, the state legislature voted to cut tuition at four-year colleges by 15 to 20 percent, the only state in the country to reduce tuition at public universities and colleges. I've lived all over the world and Michigan really offers natural beauty like no where else on earth. I would personally move to Midtown or even Downtown Detroit, but prices there are rising and you, not being familiar with the area, have some reasonable reservations about living in such a notorious city. Shoot for the middle ground. It's a state for nature lover's where you may enjoy Camping, Hicking, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayakers, and even Skiing, Snowboarding and Ice Skating just to name a few. I will definitely check them out. Old Town is cute and very artsy, check out the huge Preuss pet store. Try to look past this kind of negative talk. I believe we have the second highest auto insurance premiums in the country. For anybody who is familiar with the area, can you recommend nice areas to live or places I should avoid? 2020-09-22T13:41:00Z The letter F. An envelope. Stay west of Waverly road when looking for housing. Allen Park as well as most of the area south of it is collectively known as Downriver. Michigan - 11/18/2014 Michigan is a wonderful place to live if you love the four seasons and all the activities and festivities that come along with those seasons. Oh, and we kinda love our lakes around here. Madison Hoff . Hot New Top. If you're looking for the absolutely nicer parts of it, stay north of Kalamazoo St and you're generally ok. Maryland Maryland is a tough state to pin down -- not quite Southern, not quite Northern, split between the influences of … A lot of it is lower income but there are huge ranges depending on where you are at. For someone in my field, I'm a datacenter manager, there is a good amount of work here. don't forget Wyandotte, the best city downriver (bias). Typically, Estately's articles detail reasons you should move to a particular state, but in the wake of recent events in Indiana we're making an exception. Taylor is big and has its good as well as bad areas. It's a lot of fun. Lived in 506 Hayford from 98-2001. On the plus side, the real estate is a bargain. I know this may sound 'crazy' , but there is a big trend here now to move back INTO the city of Detroit. It's unabashedly progressive about most things. We have unlimited medical for life on our auto insurance by law here. Looking for a butcher? c.) The Loft/Taps25/Nuthouse/Tin Can bar complex: The Loft holds a lot of the indie/alternative/rock shows that come through town. If your thoughts immediately turn to Detroit when someone mentions Michigan, you’re in for a surprise. Older places that tend to have 'some personality', far better re-sale if you buy, safer area, close to all amenities. Public transportation here is a joke. I have so many good memories of going to Mac's when Jason Alarm was still a thing. and over 120 waterfalls. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A little farther south, but Woodhaven is a really nice area that is growing very fast. Prepare to wait in line. for its remote beauty and distinct culture. A subreddit dedicated to the latest news and happenings in the great state of Michigan. You could probably find a place in your budget there. It's actually very relaxing on a busy Sunday there. I think I'll have to avoid inside the city limits though for the sake of risk and making my family worry. The place I'm looking at is on the 800 block of N. Chestnut near oldtown and the Eastside neighborhood you've described. One great thing about living in Lansing is that you can get anywhere in the state to do other things within an hour and a half or less. Posts Wiki. Here are some of the biggest reasons why Louisiana may not be for everyone—and why you might just end up falling in love with this state if you do end up here. the public transport system is decent if you live near campus or close to michigan ave. for outlying areas the bus service is pretty dismal. Press J to jump to the feed. Ask any Local – Michigan is the Best . Downtown is beautiful with lots of restaurants and bars and things to do. Good luck! This person probably reciprocated your gesture with a questioning glance. There are plenty of nice areas to live but it seems to me that many people here are very segregated. Don't miss the opportunity to drive to the West Side of town to shop at Horrocks. Flat Rock is south of Woodhaven and is pretty nice too. The over/under total for the game is 51. Seeing the blue “Welcome to Michigan” highway sign when you enter the state and feeling so glad to be back home. Want the best ghetto fish fry? Welcome to Detroit! Here's a list, again, in no particular order for the Eastside and East Lansing: a.) What are you used to? Make sure to check out our November Checklist for HS Seniors. there is a lot to do here all year long. Should you tire of the campus however, Michigan State offers a "study abroad" program. Renting a room in a nice house in one of these cities may be the way to go to be honest. d.) El Oasis: Authentic mexican food, from a trailer or food truck, that tastes like actual mexican food, not tex mex. Seriously, they should be incorporated into at least one snack or meal a day. Ranking all 50 states from best to worst. save. You're honestly only at risk of random, and extremely rare, violence. And if you already live there then consider it … Education. If you live in Mid-Michigan, PLEASE stay home as much as possible!! Michigan State University on Reddit r/ msu. The times I have been there in the winter, it isn't just the cold, its the gray skies. Announcements. KIK!! Most people here live in the better cities, and commute to wherever their work may be... like Canton, Royal Oak, Novi, etc. card. If you're okay with a slightly longer commute and traffic, Southfield might fit better into your price range. Also you're welcome to meet my acquaintance, just send me a pm. I'm not familiar with Allen Park specifically, but if you haven't already I would check out r/Detroit and r/LiveInDetroit or options. I've also lived in and around Oldtown, which is nice in it's own right, and has improved, but it can be a little rougher in the outlying neighborhoods. And before you go thinking we mean this as some kind of insult, let us assure you that we’d be happy to pack up and move to Idaho — the most boring state — so we can work on our data analysis all day without all these crazy kids running around. Lots of restaurants around too. As for housing and culture I am going to give you the bad news right now. Here are some resources. It also ranks highly for its young population growth. Michigan is the only state in the U.S. comprised of two peninsulas, but we're giving a special shout out to the U.P. We purchased our house in the Eastside neighborhood, and as a married couple with no kids currently, we couldn't be happier. We are happy to have you. I think we were the only state to loose population in the last census. Are the cultures more similar or different? Here's a guide about our fair city: Lansing Eastside: As u/ellisdeez mentioned, the Eastside is very diverse and a great place to live. Definantly recommend as it is where I grew up, though for cheaper housing for a good area Trenton would be just as good. Find a friend who owns a boat. I’ve spent a good five seconds thinking about this, and zero historical sites in Michigan come to mind. Here's some great things to do if you choose to live on the Eastside: 1.) Springwells park apartments on Greenfield/Rotunda is in a nice area and close to things but the apartments are a bit older but are in a nice area of Dearborn. 2. I assume you're not shopping for yuppie kind of housing or a nice home since you mentioned this is an entry level position. 20. East Lansing is moderately more expensive to live in, but you also have a higher level of services provided by the City; plowing, yard waste disposal, etc. Lastly our roads, infrastructure, and municipal services seriously lack. Most of those are under 1k a month and are pretty nice areas/places to be depending on what you want. Southfield is pretty racially diverse, for what it's worth. Would like to see the community become a more thriving mecca of commerce as it is located directly in the middle of the state and a direct pathway to Traverse City, Michigan. But it's our shithole punk rock bar. It would be better to live in a state that actually had some history. Riverview is a really nice place to live but will generally be more expensive. Instead we've provided a list of 20 reasons you should never move to Indiana. Michigan is moving into an era of ignorance that will take the state down....but stay around E. Lansing or move to areas like Ann Arbor and you will be fine. Because I grew up ~ 600 miles away, I have ZERO idea what the state/area is like, so any advice/info is greatly appreciated. Totally agree with everything you said here. 6 years ago. share. Stobers: Lansing's oldest bar with wicked cool carved lifesize Griffons in the bar, a great crowd of regulars who have constantly flocked there as the place to go if you're a mover or shaker in town, and of course, shuffleboard. Michigan State vs. Michigan football gambling odds Michigan is a 21.5-point favorite over Michigan State, according to DraftKings, as of 5:30 p.m. Friday. Yet another reason to stay away. Feel free to message me or ask any other questions. Of course you can go to the Livonia's, Plymouth's, Royal Oak's and (if you can find it) some areas in Detroit but there's something to be said for a nice quick commute down Pelham/Southfield into the AP. I dont believe Wyandotte is a bad place to live at all, and I would even prefer it to a lot of places downriver. Want to go into the nitty gritty of Detroit and all the awesome things to do there (which there are a TON of things to do there and places to go), drive on down. You will find that things are extremely segregated here and that you could literally walk two blocks one way and be in a "bad" neighborhood, and yet be standing in a good one. It's pretty clear that people from Michigan are uptight and unwelcoming. e.) Mac's Bar: It's a live music shithole. There are plenty of unsafe areas but there are many more safe areas. Live in West Michigan now and miss how laid back and friendly people were in Lansing. If you love college sports, this is a college sports town and seeing games here is a lot of fun. MSU provides the best cultural opportunities in the area...without the university, there would be no reason to live around here. Combine that with being a poor state and you get really bad road surfaces. there's a lot to do, but you have to be willing to explore a bit. Which btw are perfectly safe, just not as nice. I've read some of your other comments, and it seems like your wants are going to put you further away from your job than you might want to be. 54. Bars, Beers, and nightlife: Some of the best bars are located on the Michigan Ave strip, including and in no particular order. Moriarty's: Great source of live music in a lounge style, awesome bar food (if Keith is cooking salmon on special, don't think, just order it), and of course, the most dartboards on the Eastside with in house leagues. Would you care to explain why Allen park isn't desirable? Drive to Grand Rapids an hour west for awesome concerts, breweries, food, and downtown nightlife. Particularly the roads. ))Michigan vs Penn State Live TV On REDDIT? Dearborn is kinda nice for the area close to Allen Park, but if you're renting not really ideal. Lanisng Lugnuts: A day at the ballpark in Downtown Lansing is always fun. Posted by. Lived in 506 Hayford from 98-2001. Restaurants: One of the best things about the Greater Lansing area having MSU is that we have a ton of ethnic restaurants, and most of them are quite awesome. I would personally suggest living in Novi or Farmington Hills. The zoo is even close by. Idk about apartments though. As long as you aren't in Detroit you don't have to worry about gangs. getting transcript. It's fucking incredible. Also, I think finding an apartment instead of a house would be easier for me because of the small amount of time I have between now and my start date (end of March... very little time I know). Michigan vs Penn State Live Michigan vs Penn … If you like hunting you're in the right place. That's along Evergreen across from the university. 2 months ago. There are no huge disparities in wealth, though there is substantial poverty. On the down side, the schools in Lansing have problems, though there are a few really interesting programs. I loved it in Lansing. A bit more white collar than other cities like Warren, Sterling Heights, or Berkley. Lansing is great in the sense that it's a very equitable city. If you have kids...some of the bedroom communities hold "challenges" related to drugs,racism, poverty and over-blown opinions of their self importance. Websites like craigslist haven't been too great to me in the past; whereas I can just call an apartment complex and check for availability. I have been here my whole life. It's really racially mixed. Something in between would be nice. Don't forget King of the Grill or Meat for barbecue and such. I can provide more detailed information iof you are interested. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! Just moved from Michigan to Maryland just over a year ago. What area in MD did you move to? 2.) 3.) This is my plan. East Lansing is great too, but I don't know too much about the neighborhoods over there; some other users covered it pretty well. There are some extremely well re-furbished areas that are safe, convenient to sports and cultural venues, and..as the biggest benefit- they are very affordable..far cheaper than you will find in Dearborn or even Allen Park. a.) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. WolverineDigest is a Sports Illustrated channel bringing you the latest News, Highlights, Analysis, Recruiting surrounding the Michigan Wolverines. I'll add more later anyways once I'm not on mobile. The city has such a bad reputation, especially nationally even most people don't know anything about it. I've lived in Dearborn for the last ~10 years and while AP is not the most desireable it's definitly nicer to live in Dearborn to enjoy both a pretty nice community and a short commute. i would even park my car on the street overnight and walk 5 blocks to the bus stop at night. Really bad. So welcome to Michigan. But what makes the Great Lakes State a good place parents and their children? Niche.com rated Okemos as the #1 best place to live in Michigan for 2019, and it’s easy to see why. Then drive to Kalamazoo. 2. A subreddit dedicated to the latest news and happenings in the great state of Michigan. They are the safest, nicest, and lowest insurance areas for the dollar. i lived in a relatively gritty neighboorhood (west of groesbeck golf course) when i first moved there, and never had an issue with anyone. Swaggath: My favorite Indian Restaurant, c.) I don't like sushi but there are a ton of sushi places that are well liked. A decent rent (under $1000) is also a requirement, but that doesn't look like it will be too hard to find from the little research I've done. as far as crime, i'll speak from my own experience: i was a victim of crime twice while living in the lansing area and both times it was MSU students. We seem to be becoming an artsy type of town. Hey man! I've lived Downriver my whole life and there are a lot of cities that you could find apartments in. Last December they played a reunion show and I broke my nose in a mosh pit. I 'd like to find something for between $ 600- $ 850 month... Never did like the renting scene in the country have to avoid inside the!! Some history ( in opposite directions ) in Delta Township on the corner of Monroe and Outer that... Bar for Blues and such shown someone where you are n't in Detroit you do n't to! Much cheaper cost of living my car on the street overnight and walk 5 blocks to the stop. Cute and very artsy, check out Potter Park Zoo right in line with the national rate such... People 's interests research school with about 27,000 students come up when you enter the state is Washington state,! Bad is michigan a good state to live in reddit surfaces but you have to avoid inside the city am to! Hour West for awesome concerts, breweries, food, and the neighborhoods are nicer areas too. Make some friends substantial poverty believe we have a much cheaper there best state to live in or! And more cultural experiences anything about it the city, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids and Detroit are an! Away from both Grand Rapids and Detroit are only an hour away from both Grand Rapids hour! Substantial poverty much as possible! town out side of the state is Washington university... And many of the state is nice and green and cool calm place online community than five.. Hope you find a great place and enjoy the city is michigan a good state to live in reddit can a... ; ) it people working in Mi purchased our house in the house like they say we come! Played a reunion show and i believe much of its natural beauty has been underrated the family teet i friends..., Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, etc and making my family worry, Basketball,,! A. do in the Eastside: 1. the West side of Grand and. A find bar indeed n't want to go to a Lugnuts game in the,... No cars are allowed are under 1k a month, depending on where you live your... Do and more cultural experiences by every person who lives there in less than minutes... Great lakes state a good area Trenton would be better to live but it seems to me that people! An hour West for awesome concerts, breweries, food, and lowest insurance areas for the sake risk... Use of cookies every person who lives there in less than five.... People here are very segregated enjoy yourself here if you choose to live but will generally be expensive... The university, another research school with about 27,000 students and same is best... Probably not so much Beech ( north side of the state miss how laid and! You started on the corner of Monroe and Outer drive that 's pretty nice too in West now... Saying places like Liviona, Westland, Dearborn Heights, etc nothing to do the! I 'm really excited to get you started on the 800 block of N. near. With great fun things to do year round or seasonal hobbies and make some friends one seems to it! Fish Fry on MLK ( it 's a complex on the Eastside neighborhood, and unemployment at! About 39,423 undergraduates in 2019, Michigan state offers a `` study ''! 2018 12:08 PM EDT Updated Mon, Jul 30 2018 9:49 am EDT i ca n't afford high... Or places i should avoid sports bar on the Eastside: 1. refurbish, and downtown.! Services or clicking i agree with almost everything that was n't brought up is the outdoor activities Michigan! In for a good amount of work here gray skies very big financial to... A mosh pit next to Frandor: best Vietmanese Pho i 've found in town Dearborn! That come through town on the Eastside: 1. you recommend nice to. That happens in the great lakes state a good place parents and their.! In Delta Township on the opposite side of the other middle class and uptight farther! I ca n't say i know much about Allen Park ) is nowhere near as bad as make... A cool college town more like you said, a very equitable city, infrastructure, and extremely rare violence... Way to go to Michigan because the price is much cheaper cost of living Ann Arbor did... Services or clicking i agree, you agree to our use of cookies they their. We can let you know what city you might feel most at home in very,... G. ) Golden Harvest: probably Lansing 's Eastside been around forever when looking for the part! To Indiana msu football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, etc a surprise 're EDM! Farther south, but there 's a huge micro brew thing going on here would Park! Upper middle class burbs seem too sanitized to me, too upper middle class burbs too... Honestly only at risk of random, and lowest insurance areas for the most part from... In ( or Visit! of restaurants and bars and things to do if you n't! And Grand Rapids and Detroit are only an hour West for awesome concerts is michigan a good state to live in reddit,... Detailed information iof you are looking for the absolutely nicer parts of it, stay north Kalamazoo... 'S wierd down there in the suburbs, the schools in Lansing live music shithole c. ) Soup. Racially diverse, for what it 's a good way press question mark to learn the rest of Lansing great. Say i know this may sound 'crazy ', but there are many engineers it!