The Acute Care Extracts Following the work on natural remedies conducted by Dr. Pol Henry, Dr. Max Tétau, a French homeopath and herbalist, also made a significant contribution to the development of this practice, which he officially renamed "gemmotherapy", now in full expansion. PHILIPPE ANDRIANNE A growing number of dog and cat parents are concerned about the detrimental effects our toxic world is having on their four-legged companions. Dr. Piterà published the first complete exposition on Gemmotherapy in 1994, Compendio di Gemmoterapia Clinica. Gemmotherapy vs. Herbal Extracts Plantextrakt Laboratories, a Romanian pharmaceutical company, finally began production of the extracts in 1990 started to produce these extracts. That means using gentle therapies such as Gemmotherapy, which provides both quantum and Newtonian healing potential. Gemmotherapy extends the drainage of toxins beyond the excretory organs and it ensures the detoxification of the skin, bones, heart, and also nervous system. At this moment in history, beyond Dr. Pitera’s work in Italy, the most cutting-edge research in Gemmotherapy is occurring in Romania. Gemmotherapy is a subset of homeopathy, born in Belgium in the 1950s ‘Gemmo’ is a prefix that denotes embryonic plant tissue: the new budding shoots and rootlets used in tincture form as a therapeutic. Due to the opposing actions, the supervision of your health practitioner is necessary. It does this by using plant bud extract and other embryonic plant tissues. The use of Gemmotherapy extracts for acute and chronic symptoms leads to a restoration of immunity, which is the foundation for health. I use TCM consistently when classifying the extracts and when looking at the organ clock to plan treatment timing. Healthy cell production cannot occur in a state of acidosis. Once elimination is optimized, the next Gemmotherapy protocols will support circulation and the lymphatic system along with continued support for the kidneys and adrenals. the daily cleaning necessary to establish or restore a healthy immune response is diminished. What this boils down to: our bodies cannot fight off or recover from illnesses in this state. As a leading physician, Homeopath, and scientist at the University of Genoa, Piterà has emerged as the next academic voice in the study of Gemmotherapy. This is one of the many reasons why I love Gemmotherapy—its power lies in its effectiveness at reminding the body of what it can do when it’s operating at its optimum capacity. When our immune system is compromised, our bodies are unable to optimally remove waste produced from food consumption and metabolic action. More than anything, here’s what I want you to know: You do not have to continue to suffer through this alone. promoter of a unique concept in natural medicine, that of synthesizing all existing notions and federating all natural health practices by giving them a common basis. Gemmotherapy provides immediate support for acute illness and infections, leaving the affected organs clean and fortified at the end of treatment. Juniperus communis (juniper) has a major depurative action and is the most powerful kidney drainage remedy in gemmotherapy. His discoveries were that the greatest healing potential could be found within meristem tissue, the embryonic cells of the plant. This degeneration reduces Gemmotherapy extends the drainage of toxins beyond the excretory organs and it ensures the detoxification of the skin, bones, heart, and also nervous system. In the United States, however, it’s classified as an herbal supplement by the FDA and therefore, for the most part, it’s referred to as an extract. How Does Gemmotherapy Work. A first Gemmotherapy protocol to begin the process of Restoring Immunity will include the following: 1. While healing your immune system is our overarching goal, protecting your immune system is also important. Gemmotherapy provides immediate support for acute illness and infections, leaving the affected organs clean and fortified at the end of treatment. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. THE ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION OF GEMMOTHERAPY AND HOMEOPATHY. This is a tree or shrub, according to its size, that is native to the Mediterranean. In this state of poor elimination, the pH of the body can no longer remain neutral. Here is a sample of just a few of the many acute protocols that can be created with the Nine Essential extracts for yourself: Want a copy of this to print and keep handy in your medicine cabinet? Gemmotherapy can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Anti-aging: rejuvenate organs, skin tissue, and cells; stimulate blood and lymph activities; deliver antioxidants in the system. He has dedicated his life’s work to Gemmotherapy and its combined use with Homeopathy, and still gives lectures and seminars throughout Europe on his latest findings. Friend and collaborator of Gérard Guéniot, he has continued and completed his work on phytembryotherapy, and has continued his teaching. As a result, patients are less likely to be dependent on prescription medicine See your healthcare provider for the treatment of chronic conditions such as asthma. It employs buds, inner bark, rootlets, or very young shoots of plants from various woodland trees and shrubs. Nourish: deliver a full spectrum of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids etc. Also, it is found that during this stage they contain the highest concentration of active growth factor hormones, auxins, and gibberellins. Lithy Tree is helpful for the following: POL HENRY Henry conducted the first known comprehensive research on the therapeutic Later this therapy was further developed into a clinical application by Max Tetau, MD. Immunity-boosting protocols work to harmonize the nervous system, optimize bowel and kidney elimination, and support adrenal function leading to restored organ function. Ludmyla Koel: To make Gemmo preparation only fresh embryonic parts of the plants are used plus alcohol-water-glycerin solution. To return our bodies to health, we have to find our way back to healthy cell production. Max Tetau, a French MD, was a collaborator with Pol Henry from the early 1960’s. In 2001, he became interested in gemmotherapy and, during the last years of his career, immersed himself in the work of Pol Henry, Max Tétau and Philippe Andrianne, and proposed a personal interpretation of it. The effects of poor elimination are clearest when observing a baby or young child. As healers, our goal is to awaken the doctor within, and in the process do no harm. Read more about the many important uses of gemmotherapy! Download here. It is prescribed in the primary decimal potency for maximum effect. Print and keep this guide handy in your medicine cabinet.Want a copy of this to print and keep handy in your medicine cabinet? The hashtag you need to follow this summer: #mediterraneanlife, Optimum skin health – A beauty oils review. They are used in order to open cellular detoxification paths. Homeopathic doctors were very excited about this new approach, but at the time the extracts were not available in Romania. After a job experience in a homeopathic laboratory and then in a dietary supplements firm, he decided to dedicate himself to gemmotherapy and founded his own laboratory. It can assist in rebalancing gut flora, often part of the protocol in cases of dysbiosis. An important concept in Gemmotherapy is one of stimulating drainage…seen as a more complex process than detoxification. It takes in the detoxification of the skin, bones, heart, and nervous system. Gemmotherapy is a therapeutic method which uses plant bud extracts and other embryonic vegetal tissues, freshly harvested from the growing plant. He furthered the studies of roots, shoots, and bark of plants that had been used in traditional plant therapies over the centuries dating to the Egyptians and later Hildegard of Bingen. Let me introduce you to some of the key players. bud is selected rather than the benefits of a specific part as in an herbal extract. Gemmotherapy has undergone over 50 years of university-level biochemical and clinical studies in Europe to determine the individual properties and actions each extract has on particular organs and organ systems. Not only that, but Gemmotherapy supports and heals the immune system while resolving chronic symptoms the patient may have experienced for years. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Along with that was also the  beginning of the mutually beneficial collaboration with Dr.Fernando Pitera di Clima. gemma, bud, and New Lat. Young buds and shoots are sustainably collected in European forests to produce a plant-based extract with potential unlike any other natural therapy available today. The principle of gemmotherapy is based on the premise that plant buds contain all of the enzymatic energy needed to … Gemmotherapy is a type of homeopathic medicine that utilizes the young shoots and buds of plants. One or more extracts, taken as a micro-dose to support the Central and Autonomic Nervous systems. To extract the embryonic substance from the fresh buds, fresh plant material is macerated in a special solution. Juniper and Common Alder are two extracts that must be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Kristin Sheffield Member physicians, pharmacists, therapists, and scientists gather to share the results of their work with Gemmotherapy. © 2021 Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele. So if you’re looking for a quick-fix solution, this is not for you. Gemmotherapy extracts, or gemmos, are the newest and most potent addition to the field of plant-based therapies. Curious to know what gemmotherapy is and why it’s the latest buzz word in holistic care. ... choice, and connection in its effort to establish a sense of safety. The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy (ARGH) serves as a European forum to collect and present the most current discoveries. Get the Most Out of Gemmotherapy Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy (more specifically embryophytotherapy) which was discovered by Henri Pol Bruxele and colleagues in 1965. The Nine Essential Extracts and Some Protocols, Support Healthy Fertility: The Inside Scoop on Birth Control, Find your Gemmoji™: Stabilize your emotional health using specific extracts. Epilepsy, facial neuralgia, hyperventilation, insomnia. Gemmotherapy was discovered and developed by Dr. P. Henry (Belgium) and Dr. M. Tetau (France) in 1950. The majority gemmos we offer are sold in 2 fluid oz. Frank Ledoux, a French doctor, practices global medicine, inspired by acupuncture, gemma, bud, and New Lat. The impetus for this was the arrival of Dr. Pitera’s recently translated book “Compendium of Clinical Gemmotherapy”. One extract to support the adrenal gland, the conductor for our immune responses. As miserable as that sounds, the damage doesn’t end there. Why soap really works and what kind of soaps can you buy. Lauren Hubele However, many of us have been led astray from this truth by reductionist medicine. Gemmotherapy extracts are produced from select plant embryonic tissues, most often Regenerates Dying Cells: oxygenates cells, balances electrolytes, and improves electrical potential. Gemmotherapy extracts offer a natural and restorative approach for situations requiring first aid and for cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only and is not intended for the purpose of medical or healthcare advice. In his published studies and book, Henry called his medicine Gemmotherapie after the “gem” of the plant. Most of us struggle with lowered immunity and the wide range of chronic symptoms that come with it. homeopathy, phyto-aromatherapy and nutritherapy. We’re here to help. But the spread of Gemmotherapy among doctors and pharmacists did not occur until late 1990. Through these studies and the collection of empirical data, Gemmotherapy He is the author of several books on gemmotherapy, as well as on clay, birch and blackcurrant. Have you heard the term Gemmotherapy? Once the immune system has targeted a pathogen as detrimental it will be neutralized and eliminated. In the system I use, 60 plants are utilized. The difference lies in the meristem cells of the buds and shoots used to make gemmos. Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy (more specifically embryophytotherapy) which was discovered by Henri Pol Bruxele and colleagues in 1965. Post head injury, post-concussion syndrome, effective in migraines; Emotional: can regulate hormones. If this state is prolonged, the liver, lymphatic and circulatory systems become congested and the entire immune system suffers, leaving us more susceptible to illness. Listen to my Restoring Immunity podcast, or pick up a copy of my book Gemmotherapy For Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care. To restore your immune system Gemmotherapy extracts also need the support of a healthy lifestyle enhanced with a plant-based diet, daily movement, and restorative sleep to be successful. Ready to explore Gemmotherapy extracts for yourself? If you’re one of them, you might want to consider gemmotherapy as an effective way to support your best friend’s health and well-being., For product or order inquiries: This puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. Hypo or Hyperthyroidism is helped by the use of Cornus Sanguinea (Bloodtwig Dogberry)at a dose of 1 to 5 drops twice per day. Gemmos are also known as Gemmotherapy. What does that mean in our everyday lives is the topic of this thought-provoking conversation. Gemmotherapy was first introduced in Romania in the late 1970’s in a book written by Homeopath, Dr.Teodor Caba. Gemmotherapy extracts deliver the potential of the entire tree or shrub from which the If this is resonating with you, and you’re feeling called to explore even more, here are some of the most popular topics that I’ve written extensively about: Immunity matters! Gérard Guéniot, French doctor (deceased in 2009), homeopath and acupuncturist, In 2012, he published with Gérard Guéniot (posthumously for the latter) a book entitled “La Phytembryothérapie” synthesizing their work. If you believe in a holistic approach to health, in looking at the entire being rather than singling out specific symptoms, then Gemmotherapy is a healing modality for you. Gemmotherapy can be used alone or in combination with other methods. This particular gemmotherapy helps to detox and strengthen the thyroid gland. Gemmotherapy extracts support the immune system’s ability to effect a quick response to a wide … Gemmotherapy was developed in France in the 1950s and 60s by a group of medical homeopaths who had a wider interest in natural medicine. Gemmotherapy is a healing system that draws on the special properties of plant and tree buds. In 2004, he began teaching his vision of phytembryotherapy. Since then, the Gemmotherapy materia medica has grown exponentially with contributions by numerous European scholars, physicians, and biochemists. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. After extensive clinical research on these immature plant materials, Dr. Max Tetau introduced the gemmotherapy technique in 1971. An acute gemmo protocol cleans and fortifies the organs expressing symptoms as well as the immune system organs. However, it’s this specific type of plant material utilized that sets Gemmotherapy apart from plant derived extracts. His first research and published findings date back to 1959, Bases Biologiques de la GÉRARD GUÉNIOT Raw material is prepared by maceration in a mix of water, glycerin, and alcohol. Gemmotherapy employs glycerin macerates of fresh buds and other vegetative tissues in the growing stage. Gemmotherapy employs glycerine macerates of fresh buds and other vegetative tissues in the growing stage. This was further detailed and developed into a clinical application by Max Tetau, MD. Gemmos are used with the normal excretory system such as the kidneys, liver, lymph or bowels are sufficient. These cells contain all the growth material of the plant, similar to stem cells in humans. Most of our practices adhere to homoeopathic principles and are indeed, effective additions to classical homeopathic advocacy. Waste elimination and immunity FRANK LEDOUX Currently, he is the president of the European Federation of Herbalism and advises clients in his herbalist’s shop located in the Belgian Ardennes. They are joined by Dr. Fernando Pitera’ who has historically been the keynote speaker and honorary member Association. Gemmotherapy is an excellent way to help combat these effects. Reduce: the need for nutritional supplements and can eliminate mega-dosages of supplemental products.