2020 Easton Ghost Double Barrel -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP20GH10 $ 349.95 24 The Easton Ghost is a great option for both contact and power hitters. Rolling your bat creates a trampoline effect when contact is made. This bat is approved in USSSA. In this review we are going to take a look at some of the very best Easton Ghost Fastpitch Baseball Bats currently found in the market. The 2019 version of the Ghost Double Barrel is a USSSA/NSA certified bat. ... GHOST ADVANCED. Below is the 2020 Demarini Prism bat. What about a banned bat that you still own? The following baseball bats were properly marked by an authorized USSSA Bat Manufacturer to indicate that they would be allowed in USSSA play, but were subsequently withdrawn by the manufacturer or found by USSSA to be disallowed. This is the Gold/Black version of the bat. Below is the 2019 Demarini D-LAB Prism bat. All bats must contain the USSSA 1.20 BPF Stamp. The dual-stamped Easton Ghost softball bat features technology to enhance durability, flexibility, and offer extremely low barrel compression. NFHS requires that a bat have a 2000 or 2004 ASA stamp and Not be listed on the ASA unnaproved bat list. The latest updates on illegal softball bats can be found in this awesome article. not. The nitro cell foam gives a lighter and better feeling connection between the handle and the barrel. The biggest issue involves the EASTON GHOST. If any of these bats are attempted to be used during competition, it should be considered an illegal bat and subject to league rules regarding the use of illegal or unapproved bats. 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel FP18GH11 33/22 (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat ASA 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 product ratings - 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel FP18GH11 33/22 (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat ASA 2020 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat -10 is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 166. There are two different models of the Easton Ghost, one is legal and one is not legal. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR NCAA OR HIGH SCHOOL fastpitch. The original bat tests too low on the compression machine they use for bats that use the 1.2 BPF standard. ... the state athletic governing body adopts NFHS rules for hs softball. The Easton Ghost X Evolution -10 is a two-piece exact carbon composite design bat.Which gives a balanced swing weight. Why is it illegal? Easton Ghost X bat Rated 2 out of 5 by indyhitter from Explosive power, horrid reliability Had the bat replaced twice under warranty for cracking. Super hot bat at this point, but everyone can see my mediocre swing. The Easton Ghost bat models that you encountered are examples of such bats. • DROP WEIGHT -10, Balanced The grey Louisville bats: FPLX150, FPLX158, FPLX159 and the white Louisville bats: FPXN150, FPXN158, FPXN159 do not meet the NFHS Softball Rules Book specification. This is where the 2020 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat Reviews come in. It is easy and simple to distinguish between the two. The original bat is not permitted and will never be permitted in USSSA events. Players love the balanced swing weight and double barrel design for maximum performance. The 2018 minus 10 ounce fastpitch Easton Ghost girl's softball bat brings a new meaning to "hot right out of the wrapper", as this bat truly has ZERO BREAK-IN needed, with a design that has never been seen before! Easton fastpitch softball equipment and gear is designed to be the most innovative and best performing gear in fastpitch softball. This is the Blue/Black version of the bat. This decertification is from USA Baseball and not a decision made by Little League Baseball. The new speed cap design creates a more responsive barrel with the improvement of the sound of the bat. Please be aware there are two ghost bats – one is legal in USSSA but not certified by USA Softball and therefore not legal in High School or College; the other is certified by USA Softball but not USSSA so it is illegal for USSSA use but legal in High School or College. The Easton Ghost bat has become an issue both in USSSA and High School. Illegal bat is an illegal bat, no matter what. The 2019 USSSA Easton Ghost brings a new meaning to "hot right out of the wrapper", as this bat truly has ZERO BREAK-IN needed, with a design that has never been seen before! *RARE* VERY NICE Easton Stealth Speed SSR3B Fastpitch Softball Bat 32/22 ASA HOT $199.99 Is it illegal? To determine if a bat is approved, go to the USA softball site. Easton Ghost Construction Details Arguably behind in the fastpitch game in 2017 and previous years, the 2018 ASA Ghost bat from Easton makes serious strides to deliver a top end fastpitch softball bat. LEGAL . The Hottest bat on the market is now available in a -10 USSSA approved model. This Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat (FP19GHU9) features a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, a drop 9 length to weight ratio, and the USSSA 1.20 BPF certified stamp. Fast forward six weeks. This bat is no-longer certified by USA Baseball and is no longer eligible for use in Little League Baseball per Rule 1.10. By all accounts they have succeeded. Jan 27, 2019 141 28. Really hard to justify buying another when most of the season is spent using her back up bat (LXT) because the ghost is broken. ASA is an organization devoted to professional and healthy softball playing. The NCAA Softball Rules Committee sent out a memo regarding important information for the upcoming 2017-18 academic year. Do you have a bat you wish would be deemed illegal for League play? Scare your opponent and pick up one of these Easton fastpitch softball bats today with free shipping and a full twelve (12) month manufacturer's warranty. Easton Dual Stamp Fastpitch Bats are the hottest bats on the market, featuring Ghost Dual Stamp bat. Easton Ghost X bat I have heard from others that the Easton Ghost X bat is on the USA softball non-approved list. Effective April 6, 2017 – Updated June 5, 2018. On May 3rd, USA Baseball notified Little League Baseball that the Easton Ghost X 30/20 had been decertified. These bats are listed on the ASA bat list, but may . THE 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP18GH10 is ILLEGAL THE 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP18GH11 is ILLEGAL The EASTON GHOST ADVANCED is the best double wall softball bat money can buy. ... bats illegal bats; Mar 3, 2019 #1 W. WVSteven. MAX POP. BATS: Just because you are not required to do a bat check before the game does mean you can ignore the use of illegal bats. EXPLOSIVE SOUND. Our lawyer sat there at the national meeting last fall and told us it won't happen. Understanding the Role of ASA. If I roll my bat, it’s hotter now and I can hit balls farther knowing that doing so makes the bat illegal. Those looking for the Easton Ghost Double in a ASA/High School/NCAA league should look at the 2018 version of the bat. Shop our Closeouts and Deals: CLOSEOUTS: Adult BBCOR Baseball Bats: CLOSEOUTS: USSSA Big Barrel Bats A trampoline effect means that when your bat makes contact against the ball, the ball will jump off much quicker than with an un-rolled bat. The game-changing Double Barrel Design, which combines an inner barrel with the lowest legal compression possible, along with a Soft Outer Barrel, and you have extreme pop and performance from day one! 300 ft dingers all day. The four highlighted topics included in the memo are: An additional exception to the BCT threshold of 1550 psi for the Easton Ghost bat model; Posting of the July NCAA Approved Softball Bat … Find out why players all over the country are #MakingTheSwitchto the Easton Ghost fastpitch bat. Make Offer - Used 2018 Easton FP18GH10 32/22 Ghost Double Barrel -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat. Ghost has a 2004 ASA stamp. SUPERNATURAL PERFORMANCE = SOFT FEEL. If the bat fails, the bat is illegal. 30-Inch Easton Ghost X (-10) 2 5/8” (YBB18GX10 & LL18GHX) Now younger players can swing the game changing technology that is Easton's Double Barrel tech. The Easton Ghost is currently the benchmark for every fastpitch softball bat on the field of play. Remember, if you ever have any specific baseball bat or softball bat related questions, or you just want to talk to someone about your hitting slump, please feel free to give our friendly Bat Experts a call at (866-321-2287). Illegal Bat Lists | Easton Ghost X, Dirty South KAMO, DeMarini Zen December 2, 2020 Perfect Game Bat Bans 2021 Starting in 2021, Perfect game bans all the USSSA banned bats, see below, and the 2017 DeMarini CF drop 5, the 2016 USSSA CF8 line of bats (5, 8, 10), the 2015 CF7 in a drop 5 and the 2015 Eaton XL1 in a drop 5. Can't find the product or size you're looking for?Email Roy! The barrel is not smooth. DUAL STAMP BATS. The hot rumor at the ballpark last week was that you should not buy an Easton Ghost because it would be illegal for high school play. Dual Stamp Fastpitch Bats are approved for play in both ASA(USA) and USSSA leagues and have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and length to weight ration between -8 and -13. Hype would sell this bat as the next big iteration in competition to the XENO, LXT and CFX bats. The Gray Bat with Yellow Lettering is approved by USSSA. This composite softball bat is evenly balanced for a smooth follow-through, while the handle and grip provide comfort. Let us not waste anymore time and get right into the 2020 Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Bat … I do not see it on the list. The -11 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat people have been asking about. Read more about Easton Ghost X 30/20 Decertification[…] Below are two examples of the Easton Ghost bat. THE HOTTEST BAT JUST GOT HOTTER. be used by the NFHS members. The Gray Bat with Blue Lettering is illegal. It has otherworldly pop, a massive sweet spot, a vibration-absorbing knob, and comes with advanced ConneXion tech, which makes it the best-feeling bat the company has made. Before the list of illegal softball bats will be given, it is important to understand the role of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). Easton advanced the game with the original fastpitch Ghost bat, and they continue to push the envelope for the 2020 season and beyond. Withdrawn and/or Non-Compliant Baseball Bat Models. Compression testing. Not only is bat rolling considered illegal, but it will also void … This bat is illegal in USSSA. That is why Easton was not permitted to put the USSSA thumb print on it. However, there are bats available in the market that have not been tested by USA Softball and are not on their approved bat list.