In fact, I estimate that the money I saved using the surface primer instead of rattle can primers has easily paid off my airbrush equipment investment. What is better for priming: airbrush or regular brush? It's finer then the regular primer is and it's less to obscure the details. They also come in a variety of colors, though I do recommend only using one of the neutral colors, black, gray, or white (as you’ll be painting over these primers anyway). 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,373. All you do is dispense some of the primer into a palette and use your favorite basecoating brush (e.g., I prefer synthetics for this job). Misconception 2 - You can't get a smooth finish with brush on primer. How do I apply Vallejo Surface Primer to my models? The purpose of the undercoat is twofold: it acts as a primer and it provides a flat base colour to paint onto. Note the uneven coverage of the Vallejo primer compared to the Tamiya primer (pictures 1-7: the dark blue bracket in picture one shows the test areas. For speed painting or tabletop quality paint jobs, black or very dark colored primers work best. Surface Primer is available in a range of basic shades most frequently employed to prepare the surface of the model or miniature before starting the painting process. It's extremely annoying. Vallejo black primer completely changed my life, unironically. Does Micro-Mark charge shipping? ... Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer L, 180ml Spray Can. Expensive as a primer. All items are in stock and ready to ship unless specified as "Out of Stock". Just don’t let the primer pool up in the recesses as this will block out details, but also make the primer dry too slowly. There are 2 other surface primers I recommend if you don’t want to use Vallejo Surface Primer or it is hard to find: Both AK Interactive Primer and Badger STYNYLREZ are worthy competitors of Vallejo Surface Primer. Some would say it's even more like undercoat then a primer. Vallejo Paints UK Stockist, Save Money on Vallejo Paints, buy now from Scale Model Shop, Vallejo Paints Available for Nextday Delivery. To this day, Vallejo is one of the many respected producers of paints and products for professional artists, hobbyists, and other creatives. Thinning Vallejo Primers - posted in + GENERAL PCA QUESTIONS +: Does anyone else out there that uses the Vallejo Polyurethane Primers (I guess also any equivalent airbrush based non spray-canned primers), find they need to thin it? Here I used a stress test of the Vallejo Surface Primer using my Sotar 20/20 airbrush (see airbrush reviews here). How long should I wait for primer to dry? Additionally, I’ve used Vallejo Surface Primer to great effect for preparing cardboard terrain wargaming terrain pieces. These come in plastic bottles (17ml, 60ml and 200ml). This spray is a primer based on water and polyurethane that can be used directly or mixed with other auxiliary products such as varnishes, metals, etc. In my opinion, yes, Vallejo primer can be sanded without chipping and a resulting step in the finish. Leave a comment below! Vallejo Surface Primer is an amazing product for hobbyists who paint miniatures and models. There are many Vallejo Surface Primer colors: As you may have noticed, many of these colors correspond with historical and modern military vehicle and aircraft colors. Vallejo Model Color 200 ml Polyurethane Primer - Black: Acrylicos Vallejo: Toys & Games Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. As above, it is an aerosol based spray primer and will require proper ventilation for safe use. You can apply Vallejo Surface Primer with a regular brush or an airbrush. - I was trying to use the spray can primers instead but I cannot seem to get consistent results. 10 drops to 2 drops: again only Vallejo Flow Improver. BEST 10 PRIMERS FOR PAINTING MINIATURES AND MODELS, cardboard terrain wargaming terrain pieces, advantages and disadvantages of brushing and airbrushing, BEST AIRBRUSH SPRAY BOOTHS FOR MINIATURES, 8 Professional Lighting Tips for Model Builders. If you don’t have an airbrush or prefer to avoid the maintenance (and potential clogging) of your airbrush when priming, a regular brush will work great with Vallejo Surface Primer (see results above). This creates a gradient of primer that naturally shows you where highlights might fall on your model. You can use the same application techniques with any of these surface primers, either using a regular brush or airbrush. It is recommended to use an airbrush with at least a standard size 0.3mm nozzle or larger to avoid clogging. Edifício H - Piso 0 - Loja 0.2 I bought a BIG bottle of Vallejo primer, and have had an awful time with it. Poppycock. Best Seller in Primer Paint. GW's black primer had always done all that for me, or so I thought. I did not go out of my way to aggressively sand but rather took the same approach I would if it were a kit. This is due partly to the fact that spray can primers use volatile solvents (e.g., fluids with low evaporation temperature) that are very sensitive to temperature. Wenn sie auf der Seite weitersurfen stimmen Sie … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For plastic, metal, or resin kits, you will enjoy how easy it is to smoothly apply the primer with a brush. Notice in the photo above how the surface primer on the head (which had the brush on application) appears to be still wet and damp, as compared with the chest and trunk section (which had the airbrush application). Also to add on Vallejo side , I already used once a gray primer with brush from vallejo on bones and while it was looking perfectly kind of getting somewhat very satin finish ..not sure if that's the plastic shine keeping showing through or simply the way the primer paint is :) , when using my current spray I get quite a nice matte finish so I rather prefer that. 00. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As primer dries, the color lightens and the reflections decrease (unless you’re spraying the black gloss surface primer). Model Color. You can see my recommended airbrushes for painting miniatures here or the full airbrush guide here. How well does Vallejo Surface Primer work with a brush? Vallejo says they can be brushed or airbrushed on. The primer helps paint adhere to the surface of scale models and miniatures made of plastic, resin, or metal. Vallejo Grey Primer Spray provides a quick, solid undercoat for your models and dries within five minutes. After an overnight wait, you can see how the surface primer has dried into a thin even looking surface. In this article, I review the use of Vallejo Surface Primer for painting miniatures and models. The new Spray Colors are a perfect match to the corresponding shades available in our Game and Model Color ranges, so both painting techniques can be combined. Primary Spray Vallejo. Highlights and shadows will naturally fall on your primed sculpt as you look at it under good lighting conditions. A notable benefit of airbrushing primer is that you don’t waste a lot of the primer on the bristles of your brush. It has a self-leveling matt finish, of extraordinary hardness and strength and does not hide the details. I just ordered a bottle along some other supplies I’m going to need in the near future. The range is complemented with 3 different varnishes- Gloss, Matt and Satin- recommended for providing extra protection when handling your figures and to give them an overall uniform appearance.Vallejo Hobby Spray Paint. For best maintenance of the airbrush, it is recommended to use the Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner. As compared with the brush application of primer, airbrushing the surface primer was not only faster, but created a much thinner surface. Available in 40mml in: white, grey and black. Agreed shake the hell out of the paint. It makes a resin layer on a surface which is like more "whole and even". Key tip: For best results, shake your primer bottle vigorously to mix the primer solution. In particular, it considers the advantages and disadvantages of applying a primer. An airbrush is better for applying a surface primer because it is faster, wastes less paint, and applies a smoother and thinner primer coat (which preserves model surface details). It is easily cleaned with water and, for a deeper cleaning, we recommend Airbrush Cleaner. Vallejo Surface Primer also acts as a thin adhesive skin that seals the microscopic imperfections on the surface of materials that helps make advanced paint color blending possible on finely detailed sculpts. It is suitable for substrates such as plastics, brass, resin, etc. For the cost of a single rattle can spray primer from Citadel (Games Workshop) or Army Painter, you could buy two 60ml or one 200ml bottle of Vallejo Surface Primer. Packaging: The range is available in a 400 ml. blue circle is to show the uneven coverage). ). As an example of using a brush and airbrush to apply Vallejo Surface Primer, I 3D printed a “White Walker” bust (a character from the Game of Thrones TV show). To thin Vallejo Surface Primer, you can use water or flow improver additives, such as the Vallejo Thinner. A respirator mask (organic vapor P95 rated like this) or spray booth could help when you’re spraying in more enclosed areas. You can tell when Vallejo Surface Primer is dry by looking at the color and reflection on the model. The nice thing about Vallejo Surface Primer is that it will dry into a stretched out, durable layer in an even homogenized surface. The Vallejo Hobby Paint Spray assortment includes 3 Basic colors, 19 Fantasy shades, 5 WWII AFV and 4 WWII Infantry colors. Primer : ~1 to 1 : Model Air ~1 to 1 : I have stopped using airbrush thinner and now use Vallejo Flow Improvrer for thinning. Tel: 01422 405040 Log In What is the best color of Vallejo Surface Primer? It is recommended not to be mixed with alcohol and/or solvents.