No bad hair days 4. 3:03. or. what nuns do for fun. We like to joke, have fun, be silly and quirky and enjoy people’s company. Here’s a question from Harrison that I thought I’d share with you all …. They also had a Fall Festival for the kids in the nearby town, but it was really a Halloween Party, with trick or treating and stuff, only they couldn't call it Halloween because they all thought that was inappropriate. (They do this every day, even if we don't pray ourselves because we're too young or too sick - or just too lazy.) Without electronics possibly. Q: What is black and white and red all over? I used to be in Youth Ministry in the Southern Baptist Church, and I attended a strict Southern Baptist University. There was a nun who drank whisky at night, and she started having a drink with her in the evenings. I remember she said something at one point about how she was among these women who had restrictions on their lives, and yet they were able to lead full and happy lives, and that what they taught her was that she had a restriction, too: she'd lost the two people she loved most in the world, but she could go on and live a full and happy life, too. Top Answer. World Youth Day Nuns Dancing at Final Mass - Duration: 1:20. Catholic nuns are said to "take the veil" as a symbol of their new life. I never expected nuns to blog, so lately I’ve been scrounging the internet to find nuns and priests to see what their take on life it. Nun is a woman who made a special vow (or promise) dedicating herself to a religious life. I have just recently begun reading this blog and I want to thank you for presenting that nuns are real people with a devotion to God, not cookie-cutter stereotypes. I’ll find out the season for you. What can’t nuns do? Look like a penguin and sing Gospel songs. What do we do for fun? I shared some of this blog with my husband and we now have a newfound respect that comes with understanding for nuns. Together we can continue to help others find joy and meaning in life! It is also known as Nuns Have No Fun, the "first album" or the "EP".It is a four track, 45rpm effort and was recorded and mixed at Stone Studio in Roosendaal, Netherlands, in two days in September 1982 and released on the independent label Rave-On Records as RMLP-002. It’s hilarious. You are right — nuns … There was a funny bit where she found out that some of them had a regular card game going, and they'd bet, but they bet Cheerios, or something silly like that, because betting money would be gambling and sinful. See more ideas about nuns, have fun, bride of christ. Really, though, nuns have fun in many of the ordinary ways that you have fun in. Hi Harrison! In regard to this post though, I really related to it in a way. 5. Nuns do know how to enjoy life. I was really surprised, as was the author of the book--they did a lot of crazy stuff that you wouldn't think nuns would do. Wow! Communities of nuns exist in numerous religious traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, and Taoism. Jun 12, 2018 - Explore Jenny Bentley Ryan's board "Nuns Having Fun", followed by 152 people on Pinterest. Thanks for hanging out on my blog. I mean, some people are more fun-loving than others, but I don’t see how that’s related to being a nun? I personally am amused at the oddest of things. Oh, it’s pretty random. Latest Galleries. Oh, gosh, what do I mean by that? It will make a great addition to our vocation brochures! Every Wednesday night is community game night. Mercyful Fate - Topic Recommended for you. Get your answers by asking now. 25 Vintage Pictures of Nuns Having Fun From the 1950s and 1960s - Duration: 3:03. In general, within monasteries it is made up of ordinary household tasks: Nuns may cook, clean or handle routine monastery repairs. I know alot of nuns, and they do everything we lay people do, they just don't have sex. They played a lot of games, like board games and card games and parlor games like charades. She also wanted to be somewhere where she could go to the cemetery if she wanted to. Because of monks and nuns, we are always remembered before God. They had a big garden and when they'd harvest everything in the fall they'd can all the stuff. After two years as a novice, the nun then takes her first vows following by her final vows after three more years. What's something you're taking with you to the new year? Yes, I think so. It had me in stitches! Karaoke, for example. There was a funny bit where she found out that some of them had a … United in same tradition and spirit, the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration live a common life as true sisters, praying, working, and recreating together. Nuns Have No Fun - Duration: 4:22. Create New Account. They plant seeds, but their life is dependent on God all the time. I recently spent a weekend with the Petites Franciscaines de Marie in Québec City, Canada and we had a blast. Damn, I wish I could remember the university press that published that book. I mean, besides have intercourse, get married, or anything else that falls outside their holy promise. What do nuns do for fun keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, ... Do nuns ever have sexual urges, and if so how do you deal with the temptation of wanting sex. I adore that Simpson’s episode. Below: Nuns in Łowicz play basketball with a group of young Catholics. People are always asking good questions here at A Nun’s Life. Just sitting around talking and telling jokes. 2011-04-16 23:30:25. Really, though, nuns have fun in many of the ordinary ways that you have fun in. Supported by our community structures and strengthened by the faithful example of our sisters, we can more easily fulfill our calling. We all have our moments of silliness that we share with one another and with others. Gayle: “Nunfun is unlike any other fun.” What exactly do you mean by that? We like to joke, have fun, be silly and quirky and enjoy people’s company. I have come to discover that “nun fun” is unlike any other fun. Ironically, holiday pain is coming for certain retailers. Do you start loving a person when you are in a relationship with them. 2 3 4. See more ideas about nuns, have fun, bride of christ. I'd really like a copy. Still have questions? They played pranks on each other, only they were kind about it, and they just were pretty normal women who lived by the canonical hours but had a pretty interesting life other than that. Thanks for your perspective. What do you ladies do for fun? Being willing to be ourselves and savor the moment? My nuns are also some of the funniest people I know. Wiki User Answered . Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. That episode of the Golden Girls is hilarious! in canada we poke fun at the newfies (the nicest people actually)....what state's people do you poke fun at ? Forgot account? In a group, you can barely tell them apart . I’m going home next month for meetings at our IHM Motherhouse. No wardrobe malfunctions . My classmate Mago instituted an impromptu Joke Night, an we’ve tried to keep up the tradition, especially after an ice cream social (Laughter lowers blood sugar–it’s a fact!) And yes, I think a Wii mention should be a central part of any vocational package. If you’ve never seen a group of nuns rumble over Wii or a game of no-holds-barred euchre, then you haven’t lived. Nuns who became pregnant were forced to leave their religious congregation, the reports say, while the priests responsible were simply sent away for a brief period. Nuns do many different things, depending on their interests and where they are needed. For instance, activities that might not have been as fun with other people are hysterical with my Sisters. Oh, they definitely have it on Netflix. Unknown to many, they have secret sound proof room with Large amplifiers and electric guitar, They play electric guitar, and they can shred like a rock star. I've even known some of them to smoke and drink. We’ve also had some killer Bunco nights, cut throat Skip-bo tournies, tennis and volley tennis matches, Texas dance lessons, and countless sing-alongs. Do nuns ever have sexual urges, and if so how do you deal with the temptation of wanting sex. Kellie, I am not offended at all and am glad that you asked. There was a pond on their land, and they liked to go swimming, and she went swimming with them at night. She was a college professor, and this friend of hers told her about this pretty small convent in New England which had been a hospital at one time, but which wasn't anymore, and was more of a home for nuns who were sick or needed care. But, as my friends can attest, we do have fun and we can be pretty silly at times (I write this as I laugh at The Simpsons episode which ends with God, Buddha and the Colonel enjoying KFC popcorn chicken in heaven). But we always had AMAZING fun, especially in the dorm or at a church camp! A Wii at the Motherhouse! A lot of them were very old, but there were some young ones too, and I remember that one she got really close to had been to Latin America and had been raped and had kind of gone a bit off in the head and she was there because she couldn't handle being around men. Because monks and nuns spend so much time praying and studying, they have a very special wisdom with which to interpret the world in which we live today. I have fun with other friends, but nun fun seems to be its own special brand. Kevin Killeen's Whole 'nother Story -- Nun Convention Nuns discuss what they do for fun and the secret of their youthful glow. I honestly had no idea. Faramel 650 views. (PCPA Constitutions, n.147) Sometimes they practise sports together or with other people related to the church In … But an increasing number of younger women are also reporting calls to become nuns. Hi Sister Julie, I just discovered your blog today, and I love it. See more of Fun With Nuns on Facebook. How do you think about the answers? A nun is a member of a religious community of women, typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the enclosure of a monastery. Donate today! Do nuns get silly when they live together or is it all serious all the time? Now on to the important stuff: You have a Wii at the motherhouse??? Anyway, she told about the stuff the nuns did that surprised her. Why? Joined It’s profanation. What do nuns do for fun ? Nuns take a Bun and then Run to have the Fun. It sounded as though they were having a lovely conversation and seemed very bright and happy. What they do now? After reading your blog, I now know that not all nuns wear habits but I am very glad that these two in particular did or I would not have known that they were nuns and had that confirmation that yes, nuns are real people and approachable by everyone else. Sponsored By. Thanks so much Annie for describing the episode! They climb a tree, and scrape their knee. It may not seem like much or perhaps it may seem silly, but seeing them in public, mingling with “the rest of us” warmed my heart. Do they go crazy on the piano after class? I’ll have to see if I can find it on Netflix. A simple board game or game of spoons can have us in hysterics. You can sign in to vote the answer. She applied to someone in the Catholic Church to be able to go there, and they let her go and told her she could stay as long as she liked, but that she'd have to follow the basic rules of the convent, even if she wasn't Catholic. Here’s a couple of fun things to do this holiday season. It’d be great to post. Ordinarily I would have been very shocked and extremely curious to see nuns at an event like that and assumed they did not actually go inside and watch the program progress but after reading your blog, I was excited! May 1, 2019 - Explore Mary Elizabeth Saffell's board "Nuns having fun", followed by 167 people on Pinterest. ‘We're Trying to Do Something Fun': Nun Behind Viral Miami Heat Video Speaks By Sheli Muñiz • Published September 23, 2020 • Updated on September 23, 2020 at 5:17 pm NBCUniversal, Inc. God bless. I find a certain indescribable quality in the fun I have with my Sisters. Inquiring minds want to know! Some of them should party like a rock star, drink beer and spice up their lives. I was just wondering you’ve ever seen the episode of The Golden Girls where Sophia becomes a nun. They played a lot of games, like board games and card games and parlor games like charades. Remix - Duration: 2:27. When I was in college in the mid-1980s, a classmate, Linda, and I did semester-long internships at an inner-city Catholic elementary school, which was run by nuns. Personal experience* 3 nuns and some other religious guy were in the park behind my house (when I was a kid) playing soccer. She was Jewish, and her family kept telling her to go to Israel to be in a nice climate, but she didn't want to go there because she felt her family couldn't understand her grief because they were still focused on the Holocaust.